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CleanMedia offers Brand Safe targeted advertising solutions to help increase your traffic, develop brand awareness, and reach a relevant audience.

Lower Costs

We deal directly with hundreds of websites cutting out aggregators and middlemen resulting in a LOW COST alternative to ad networks.

Targeted Audience

We can target your campaigns to the audience you are looking for, whether it's a national or local ad campaign.


Brand safe and family-friendly websites have a highly engaged and generally above average income demographic.

Ad Types

We can get the right type of ad in front of the right consumer whether it be a banner ad, a high impact display ad or a video ad.


Connecting your business to brand safe websites through highly targeted banner and video ad campaigns,
generating a high Return On Investment (ROI) running your ad campaigns on "Clean" websites.

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Monetize Your Website

Ad Optimization & Management for websites. Grow your revenue with brand safe ads, cutting-edge technology, and premium demand partners.

Full Service Ad Management

We are your full service ad management partner, including display ad optimization, video monetization and private deals.

Brand Safe Ads

Our specialty is delivering brand safe ads by manually and programmatically filtering ads before they show on your website.

Easy Implementation

Just copy and paste a simple code to your site and we handle the rest.

Ad Revenue Optimization

We help you make the most money possible from every visitor to your website, and we take care of everything ad-related so you don't have to.

General Demographics

Average demographics for the whole network.

% of Women
Average Age
US Based Traffic
Ad Impressions Available

About Us

CleanMedia - The Clean Ads Company

Why CleanMedia?

We chose the name "CleanMedia" not only a as goal but a promise. Whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, non brand safe websites and ads can ruin your credibility and your brands value. At CleanMedia our mission is to connect brand safe websites with brand safe advertisers while cutting out all of the middlemen. We promise to constantly work to maintain and improve a "Clean" ad environment for our publishers and advertisers.

Our Story

At CleanMedia we started as publishers ourselves and realized how hard it was to eliminate inappropriate and non brand safe ads. We also realized how hard and time consuming it was for publishers to manage all of the constantly changing technology and work directly with advertisers. That's why we make it easy for advertisers and websites to grow their brands in a safe and profitable way.

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333 West Vine St, Suite 1610
Lexington, KY 40507
P: (859) 429-7075